Ending Of A Sun Age (2012)


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Final release by the band LEGIONS from Tampa, FL recorded, mastered and released in 2012


released June 6, 2013

All Songs written by LEGIONS:
Ghimel Alvarado
Chris Lewis
Ashiq Ricker
Daniel Morris

Album Mixed, Mastered and Edited by Niel Anilao, Guitars and bass recorded by Isaiah Swor.



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Legions (The True) Tampa, Florida

Legions is true black metal from Tampa, FL.

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Track Name: The Ending Of A Sun Age
And so it is complete.
Track Name: Gotterdammerung (Possessed By The Storms Of Damnation)
Forsaken is the day
A firestorm rages in the northern skies
Pestilence fills the air
Darkness spreads her wings as the night

Flaming arrows rain down upon the earth
Scorching doom cast from above
As the evil storm advances forth
Ocean depths boil in its wake below

The ground splits with vicious fissures
A fierce dragon ploughs through the sky
towards the earth
Mountain ranges and forests burn to dust
Cruel windstorms lash with fearsome wrath

Despair engulfs the land
The shadow of death reaps all beyond sight
The Sun no longer riseth
Blood red embers of burning flesh the only source of light

Pyres are raised high above the sands
Volcanic peaks spew molten brimstone
Abysmal chasms reveal cavernous dwellings
Abominable vermin roam in the inferno

The fire dragon's jaws consume the earth and sky
The cosmic winds tear through the endless night
The lands descend far below the ocean depths
The beast is slain by the bolt of the Thunder God
Fulfilling its fated death

Possessed by the storms of damnation
A world set to fire reduced to ashes

Pitch black clouds veil a cataclysmic tragedy
A world of darkness marks the ending of a Sun age

So the cycles flow
So the Aeons sow
Track Name: Flame Of The Serpent Sun
In the beginning before the existence of time
The sleeping serpent rested in a perfect void
Floating upon the infinite waters of the cosmic sea
The sleeping God awoke stirring forth waves
Raised from the deepest darkest depths of space
Forming a union of darkness and light thus setting motion to
A new age of life in space-time

The birth of the primal serpent
The creator of the universe
Expanding to the furthest reaches
And inner realms of living essence

Preservation of the Earth
Descends from the stars and planets
As fallen rays of the Serpent Sun
Flame from the skies
Feed the Earth's etheric lairs
As celestial fire burns to ash
Light of the Eternal Sun
Divides as the pentagram star
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Gaia the Aether spirit

The serpent flame that feeds the Earth and the Sun
Cycles within the temple of flesh
Life force enters internal suns from cosmic planes
Settling within the throne of fire

Flame of the Serpent Sun
Brings balance to the universe
Flame of the Serpent Sun
The essence of all life
The source of infinite wisdom

Fire of the Eternal Sun
Inner flame dwelling in one
Become one with the light of the Eternal Sun
Ignite as the cosmic dragon of light
Track Name: Abscence Of Light

Pain, cutting deep into the center of my core
I'm numb and find it hard to breathe
The fruits of self destruction are enticing
Now the only way I feel is to bleed

Lost in the wilderness of a spiraling abyss
I behold the glory of the black sun as the shadows drink my life

Darkness, consumes my thoughts and line of sight
Living in a world so cold
As others cast their malice on me
I realize now, I hate everything

This world beats me down
but I stand and fight
The plague enslaves us all
And it's fucking killing me...

A gasp for air prolongs my desire
For total self destruction
Of the body and mind

I will remain

So breathe
Embrace the dream
That forever waits
Beyond the eternal gates

I will remain
Track Name: Death Within The King's Chamber
I woke in darkness by the harsh howling of the cold bitter winds
I trek through the sands led only by the burning lanterns of the night sky

After a harsh frigid journey
Through the desolate wasteland
In lunar light
A golden glow of hope shines dimly from afar

My destiny looms over me as a titan made of stone
The arduous path of my chosen fate leads to the unknown
Ancient secrets lie hidden within the walls of the monolithic shrine

I enter the temple of the Kings
Fearlessly I gather my strength

I climb the steps within the ruins
In total darkness Instinct shows the way


The ground trembles from far beneath abysmal depths
The force travels upward and is captured with grace
The walls resonate with the song of the ancient past
Within the King's chamber the immortal flame awaits

A gate to the stars unveils an obscure cosmos within
I soar through the infinite planes of existence upon timeless wings

Nuk Seta Keb
Nuk Aau Amt Netern

In etheric fields my consciousness transcends all reality
My lifeless vessel lies motionless in the King's crimson deathbed

Through geometric amplification of nature's laws
My awareness is cast to thrive in the realm of constellations

In the skies my soul reflects the mysteries of the unknown